Published February 15, 2011

Shelia Shares....

Today I have chosen to share my space with Pastor Bill. He writes a daily devotional and would be happy for you to check out his site at Let the signs of nature, strengthen your walk with the Lord. — Shelia

Sequoia Trees
By Pastor Bill

Scripture: Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

The Sequoia trees of Northern California tower over 300 feet above the ground. The incredible thing about a tree growing so tall is that it is estimated 95% of the Sequoia Tree roots are within 3 feet of the ground. The shallowness of the root system is to enable the huge trees to seek water. The roots of a single tree can spread out to more than half an acre. The water need is great as each Sequoia Tree requires an estimated 500 gallons of water per day. The elaborate shallow root system transports the water all the way to the top!

Sequoia trees seldom stand alone. With shallow roots the wind would easily knock the giant over and completely uproot the tree. That's why they grow in groups. The roots of Sequoia Trees in the group intertwine holding one another in place through the storms of life.

A small group in a church is like a group of Sequoia trees. A way of sheltering during the storms of life! Pastor Carol and I have been part of small groups for more than 30 years, being rooted together to pray for one another during the storms of life — a safe harbor reflecting the kingdom of God.

So if you are not part of a small group take a hint from the giant Sequoia Trees and get rooted together in prayer with a group to withstand the storms of life.

- Shelia

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