Published November 16, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"Who Says?"

Sometimes we are like the little preschooler who ran into the house "crying bloody murder." When Mom came running, he said, "I big!" Mom caught on quickly and said, "Yes. You're big. Who says you aren't?" The preschooler responded that it was his big brother.

So, Mom told him to go back to his big brother and tell him Mommy says you're big. "You already had your birthday this year and he didn't." Armed with that, the preschooler confidently headed back out to play.

There are days I run to God and say, "I'm big. I'm doing right. I'm standing strong on Your Word. I'm saved."

God looks at me and says, "Who says you aren't?"

And in my confusion, I explain my discouragement. I tell Him about those who don't understand my actions. I tell Him I want to quit.

God looks at me with the same kind of love of that mother and tells me to go back out into the world and tell the devil that God says I am a bought-by-the-blood-of-Jesus child of God and nothing the devil says or throws at me can change that fact.

And, with a smile, I run back out knowing I have God and His Word standing behind me. Suddenly that devilish "big brother" doesn't seem so big or so strong. Armed with the Word, I am big and armed with His promises. And no one can take that away from me.

- Shelia

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