Published (July 20, 2010)

Shelia Shares....
"He Never Fails"

The beginning of July, we took our first multi-day bus tour vacation. We traveled to Montreal, Quebec City and Boston. There were only twenty of us on this large tour bus, so we could spread out in the seats.

It was a great group. There was a 17-year-old boy traveling with his parents. There was a 19-year-old girl traveling with her grandmother. And, there were two sisters, 15 and 18, traveling with their grandparents. As you might guess, the largest part of the group was older than Paul and I..

After 1,800 miles of travel in five days, we were all ready to get home. The two teenage sisters had claimed seats in the back of the bus where they could chatter to their hearts' content, whenever they weren't stretched out or curled up sleeping. They were great kids — funny, smiling and pleasant. They had freedom within the tour group, although grandma and grandpa kept a close eye on them.

I overheard their phone call to home as we neared Lancaster. They talked to their mom and it was not pleasant. Obviously the mom preferred to go out that evening rather than meet the girls coming in on the bus.

I heard parts of the conversation. "But, Mom, we've been gone a week." "Can't you go out some other time?" "Can't you please pick us up?"

Finally, when they hung up their cell phone, I heard the sisters' conversation. Mom was coming to meet them, but "mad" to be doing so. She wanted to go out.

It was maybe a half hour later that one of the girls moved to the front of the bus to tell her grandparents that her father was coming to meet the bus.

Just before 11 p.m., we pulled into the bus yard. As I looked for our car and my son to meet us, I heard yells from the back of the bus. "There's dad standing by the car," said one of the girls. "There's my daddy," sang out the second sister. As soon as the bus stopped, both girls grabbed their pillows and carry-on bags to rush down the aisle. "I see my dad." "Dad is here to meet us." You could hear the excitement in both of their voices.

There were hugs all around. Dad seemed as happy to see them, as they were to see him.

Sometimes life gives us situations we'd prefer to avoid or that we need help to make it through. Sometimes people aren't there for us when we need them to be.

There is a Heavenly Father who doesn't desert me for his own purposes.

Even when it is 11 p.m. and I need a lift, He is there to lift me. Even when family or friends or acquaintances don't care, He cares. He is always there for each one of His children.

Have people failed you? Remember the One who never fails you. Our Heavenly Father is always there and He will always hear and answer. He will pick you up.

- Shelia

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