Published July 13, 2010

Shelia Shares....

Today's "Shelia Shares" comes from Pastor Bill. He does a cyber-daily-devotional. Just go to and sign up for the daily newsletter or read past devotionals. Thanks Pastor Bill for allowing me to share this "Final Answer" devotional.

"Your Final Answer"
by Pastor Bill

From 1999 through 2002 Regis Philbin hosted the enormously popular game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." The show was full of glitz, smoke, and mirrors as only Hollywood can produce. But after the smoke had cleared it came down to a contestant correctly answering 15 questions in a row to win the cash. The uniqueness of the program revolved around how the questions were asked, not so much the answers.

After the contestant made a selection from multiple choice answers, Regis made a point of clarifying the answer by asking the question, "Is that your final answer?" A groan or a straight forward "yes" and the correct answers were forever confirmed!

Philbin was the perfect host and enticed each contestant with all the world could offer. One after another they came, seeking fame and fortune on the TV show. Each contestant could only enter an answer after confirming it — "Is that your final answer?" Yes!

In light of Regis Philbin and his unique way of asking questions, here is a question everyone needs to correctly answer and confirm at some time in his/her life that is worth far more than a mere million dollars:

If you were to die within the next 24 hours where would you spend eternity?

A) On Earth... B) In Heaven... C) In Hell... D) Disneyland... E) Not Sure

"Is that your final answer?"

If you didn't pick "B" — we need to talk!

Prayer: Father thank you that your word is very clear. I do have a place in heaven because I believe that Jesus died for my sins. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!

- Shelia

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