Published May 18, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"Representing Christ"

Last week I wrote about going to two church yard sales. At one I was ignored. At the other, I was made to feel welcome and invited back for church services. It was a reminder that we represent Jesus Christ and need to be sure we are reaching out to those around us. The column generated several responses. I will share a couple replies (edited), as well as a couple thoughts of my own.

From my own experiences, I still remember talking with someone who visited an area church. The church had a greeting time during the service and everyone greeted each other. Although he stood waiting near some people, no one greeted him. When our children were small, we visited a local church for worship. No one spoke to us the entire time we were in the building. Seventeen years later, we still refer to that church as the "refrigerator" church. On the other hand, I remember a young man (20s) who came into our church one Sunday morning. A couple from our congregation (in their late 60s) moved from where they had been seated and sat with him during the church service to be sure he knew he was welcome and so he didn't have to sit alone.

We often just don't realize how our actions don't exhibit a welcoming spirit. We need to be sure that we are representing Jesus to everyone around us. "What would Jesus do" is more than just a phrase.

- Shelia

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