Published February 23, 2010

Shelia Shares....

John Starnes once shared some interesting advice. He said, when you get stuck in those long checkout lines, sing! Just burst out in song! Sing "Amazing Grace" at the top of your lungs — and one of two things will happen. Either people will join in and it's a great witnessing tool... Or you'll soon be moved to the front of the line.

Jonathan White said he was formerly with a Gospel quartet that would go into restaurants and sing while they waited for their food. He shared the story of one day being in a restaurant when they saw a big, burly, tough-looking guy head for the jukebox with a dollar bill in his hand. The group manager said, "Sing! Quick!" With some trepidation, they did.

The guy stopped in his tracks and stood there staring at them through the entire song. When they finished, he came over to them. The quartet guys were shaking in their boots. He deliberately looked at each of them individually, then he placed his dollar on the table and said, "I always get four for a dollar. I want three more." Needless to say, the quartet gave him three more gospel songs!

Maybe you or I aren't singers, but do we miss opportunities to share Jesus? Are we so concerned about what people will say about us that we fail to offer Jesus to others?

I'm no singer, but when I see hurting people, do I just hurry past? Do I have the nerve to offer to listen to and pray for them? I hope we never get so complacent with being a Christian that we fail to present the choice of Jesus to someone else.

- Shelia

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