Published January 5, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"Our Worth"

Recently I was to a church bazaar and purchased a very small plant. It was in an empty yoghurt cup and didn't look like much. However, it was alive. I purchased the tiny plant for ten cents and figured that with my "brown thumb," if (when) it dies, it'll be no big loss.

Too often I look at people the same way. Some people I expect to succeed and I glory in being around them. Others I know will never amount to much and perhaps I even avoid wasting time on them.

When we look at the "ten cent" people, we probably respond to them as we value (or devalue) them. We don't tend to water or feed them. We don't talk to them in an encouraging way. For ten cents, who cares?

When Jesus looks at us, He doesn't put us in the "ten cent" category. He sees our worth. He knows we are His creation. He understands our hearts. He valued us enough to die for us and sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. He sent His Holy Spirit to live within us. With Him, we have worth.

It isn't always easy, but we need to see others through Jesus' eyes. We also need to see ourselves as people of worth, as Jesus sees us.

- Shelia

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