Published (10-13-2009)

Shelia Shares....
"Cleaning Up"

Maybe you live in a house that is perfectly clean and organized all the time. Unfortunately, ours is not a model home. We actually live in our house and generally it looks like it.

When we have people coming into our home for some special occasion, there is a lot of clean up that happens. We sort papers or put them in a box. We remove that protective coating of dust. We vacuum carpets and wash floors.

On the day of the event, we allow guests into certain rooms. The living room and dining room are presentable. We hope people stay there.

However, we close the door into our bedrooms where the filled boxes have been moved. We don't invite guests to the basement or the attic. Our closets have the doors closed. Our "junk rooms" are off limits to guests.

So often in our spiritual lives, we do the same thing. We invite Christ to come into our living room and dining room. We act like all is well. Everything is in place and the dirty layer has been removed. We clean up well.

However, when God comes into our hearts, he wants to "create in me a clean heart." (Psalm 51).

He doesn't want to only be in certain rooms. He doesn't want the mess – the sin – to move to storage into another part of my heart. He wants the junk destroyed and the garbage removed to the curbside for trash pickup.

Christ actually wants us to admit our sin for what it is. He doesn't want us to accept that we "slipped up." He doesn't want us to call it a "moral mistake" or a "little sin." Christ wants to cleanse us totally. He wants us to admit our sin as sin.

The Bible says that Jesus died for us while we were sinners. He knows we sin. Each of us needs to admit it and ask for His total forgiveness.

Today we can open up every part of our heart and leave every sin at the cross of Jesus Christ. He'll destroy that sin. If we leave our garbage bag full of the past, we can continue our life journey to a forever future with a light step blessed by forgiveness.

- Shelia

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