Published July 21, 2009

Shelia Shares....
"Getting The Credit"

Do you like to hear about bozo criminals? I do. Here's one for you.

"Bozo criminal for today comes from New York City where bozo Raymond Green pulled a knife on a deli owner and escaped with two bottles of malt liquor. Officers followed our bozo back to his apartment building but accidentally grabbed a different man who answered the door. As the cops led the man down the street, our bozo opened the window and shouted, ‘It was me, you idiots. You arrested the wrong guy!' It didn't take them long to correct their mistake. He's now under arrest."

We laugh and wonder how someone could be so foolish. As I thought about this bozo, I tried to picture what went through his drunken mind. First, he was probably pretty proud that he had pulled off such a successful robbery. After all, he got away with two bottles of liquor.

But, why would he stop the cops when they took the wrong man as a suspect? Not only was he proud, but perhaps he didn't want someone else to get credit for his "good" work. ‘I did it and nobody else had better try to take that credit.'

I heard a story yesterday where some school boys were upset because someone had put a derogatory picture of the school principal on the flag pole. No, they weren't upset on the principal's behalf. They were upset because someone had stepped into their territory. Doing this type of stunt was their job and they didn't want someone else to do it and get the credit.

Too often in the church, people are like the bozo criminal. If they do the good work, they better get the credit. ‘I did it and I deserve to get the honor due me.'

The Bible refers to this type of attitude when speaking of the Pharisees doing good things with the purpose of people seeing them. The Bible states that they already have their reward.

Where do we get this "bozo"mind set? Why do we care whether we get due credit? Think of how much work could get done if nobody cared who got the credit.

Jesus, who sees everything, already knows what you have done. Does it matter if anybody else knows?

- Shelia

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