Published July 7, 2009

Shelia Shares....
"Staying Healthy"

We hear a lot of talk about keeping healthy.

We exercise. We walk. We take the steps instead of the escalator (at least several times a year!). We are aware of the food we eat and the impact they have on a healthy body.

Mentally, we keep alert with crossword puzzles, Suduko and the books we read. We play challenging video games or watch shows (like Jeopardy and Cash Cab) that help us recall trivia.

Emotionally, we maintain a good balance by the encouraging friends we keep, the joy and laughter we share and by thinking on the good things. We recognize the things that break our spirit and find ways to shield ourselves from those "downers."

And then there is our spiritual health. How is our spiritual health? What do we do to maintain a healthy spiritual life? Are we taking the time and steps necessary for a healthy spiritual life?

We read the Bible and meditate on what the passages are saying and what they mean in our lives. We pray, talking to God and allowing God quiet time to talk with us. We worship with other believers, both to strengthen us and to encourage them. We daily are careful with the company we keep, the shows we watch and the activities we do to be sure they are not pulling us down, but instead are pulling us up to God. We follow the example given by Jesus Christ Himself and use Him for our life pattern.

Next time someone talks about being healthy, remember that includes the spiritual. Measuring ourselves by Jesus Christ, how are we doing?

- Shelia

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