Published June 30, 2009

Shelia Shares....
"Be an Answer"

Aside from being a gifted singer, Kirk Talley is a wonderful communicator. The following story was shared with his Kirk's Krew and I am thankful he allowed me to share it with you.

".....I had one more stop to make. I had delivered bread pudding and gumbo to all the hotels at exit 407 and the ones on highway 66. Everyone had been thrilled to get the goodies, and assured me they would keep sending their guests to the restaurant, New Orleans On The River, for dinner. I had thanked them, making sure they had the brochures and the coupons, that accompanied the promotion we were running. The campaign was working. Every night we have people come into the restaurant, having been told about it at whatever hotel they are staying at. I have been amazed at how food brightens people's face. FREE FOOD really seems to do the trick. I've gotten a few hugs, and a lot of "that's the nicest thing anyone's done for me in a long time" type of comments. When the management asked me to participate in some promotion and marketing development, I immediately wanted to try this "hotel give away" idea. And it paid off the first night I took food, and it has every night since. The idea was to take great food to the night clerks. Therefore they would love it, and would send hotel guests to our restaurant for dinner. We were blessed from the first night. But tonight, I was blessed in a different way.

"The last stop in the trip this afternoon was a hotel on the highway, not at the interstate exit. I walked in and the lady said, ‘May I help you?' My reply was, "Have you had dinner?" Her mouth flew open in disbelief. She probably was wondering, ‘who's this guy asking me to dinner.' ‘I'm not eating tonight.' I proceded to introduce myself being from New Orleans on the River, the restaurant on the bluff, and began telling her that I had brought her some gumbo and some bread pudding. When she realized that I had brought dinner to her, big tears began rolling down her face. She was fighting to keep the tears back, but her attempts at doing so were futile. I was a little stunned, so I said, ‘Is something wrong?' As she wiped tears away, she said, ‘There's nothing wrong....See...I am broke.. I didn't have money to bring to work with me for dinner, so when I got to work today, I asked God to provide dinner for me. I was so hungry.' this time, I wanted to turn around and go get her some catfish or some shrimp Creole. I told her that we were blessed to be able to bring her dinner, and we appreciated her recommending our restaurant to her hotel guests. She thanked me and I assured her I would be back next week with something else (corn/crab bisque and catfish probably, maybe Jambalaya).

"I went straight back to the restaurant and told the owners and the Executive Chef what had happened. They all agreed that we were blessed in being able to take the food to her. It was truly a blessing to be able to give to someone who really needed it. Oh, sure, we gave with the hope that she would send us some business, but the blessing I received from being able to walk in the door and hand the food to someone who was hungry and couldn't afford dinner was far beyond anything I expected in return."

Thanks, Kirk for sharing. Now, I have two questions for all of you (and me).

1. Do you expect your prayers to be answered?
2. Do you expect to be the answer to someone's prayer?

I hope I just heard a big, loud "yes." God can provide and God can use you as His hands. Watch how He works.

- Shelia

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