Published May 19, 2009

Shelia Shares....
"The Request"

On a recent Saturday, I stopped at a real estate and household goods auction. It was held in the back yard of the property. Without a lawn chair in the car, I just sat on the grass and enjoyed the outdoors.

I wasn't interested in most of the household stuff, so I just watched people and enjoyed my lunch of fresh cut fries and a pulled pork sandwich.

People were allowed to walk through the house in the hopes of attracting a real estate buyer. I walked through, checking out the house (with no intention of buying), as well as looking at items still to be brought out for auction.

My eye was caught by three antique ceramic figurines. They were each a foot high and had the most wonderful expressions. I knew that if they went for a fairly reasonable price (actually cheap), I was interested.

However, they were still in the house and I planned to leave within the next half hour. What could I do?

I approached the man who was gathering items inside the house and sending them out the back window to be taken to the auctioneer for sale. I asked if the three figurines could be sent out soon. He readily agreed.

I hurried to my seat on the grass at the back of the lawn. The auctioneer sold four more items and then the figurines came up for sale. He couldn't get a bid and I waited until he asked for $1.00. I bid. Someone else bid. I raised the bid. Quickly the bid reached $15.00, I nodded, knowing it would be my last bid. I liked the figurines but couldn't justify spending more for something I liked but actually didn't need. The other buyer didn't raise the bid and I got my figurines. It was my only buy at the auction and I was thrilled.

When I thought back to the day, I realized that I got the figurines only because I asked the man to send them to the head of the items on sale. I could have thought it was hopeless and waited for a bit and given up. I could have complained that they didn't sell what I wanted to buy. If I had not asked, they would have been sold after I left the sale. I would not have them in my house today.

Spiritually, so often we don't get because we don't ask. God tells us to ask so He can pour out His blessings on us. Today have you talked to God? What do you need — or even want? Did you remember to ask? He wants to bless, but sometimes He waits for us to approach Him.

- Shelia

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