Published 2/10/2009

Shelia Shares....
"Beautiful Valley"

The Down East Boys' song "Beautiful Valley" was on the charts back in 1990. Although I don't remember the circumstances, that must have been a difficult year for us. I remember the encouragement that "Beautiful Valley" gave to me in helping me trust and draw strength from God when things looked rather bleak. It was encouraging to realize that our valley might not have been from bad circumstances, but might have been a place that God put us at that time to learn to live dependent on Him.

"Beautiful Valley" was written by Marcia Henry. Some of the words include:

"When there's a lesson for learning,
He'll take you aside
To walk in the valley close by His side.
Up on the mountain sweet blessing He gives,
But down in the valley is where we learn to live."

My favorite part of the song is the chorus:

"In this beautiful valley that He's put me in,
I'm learning to trust and draw strength from Him.
I'll not despise the lessons He gives.
For in this beautiful valley,
I'm learning to live."

Sometimes God gives us valleys that are beautiful as we look backwards. My prayer is to see current valleys as beautiful because God is in them.

- Shelia

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