Published 2/3/2009

Shelia Shares....
"Just Like the Father"

Have you heard the commercial where the man is practicing to be a parent? He keeps saying, "Don't make me come back there," all the while thinking it doesn't sound "parent" enough. He tries saying it all kinds of ways and finally says in surprise, "That sounds just like my dad."

If we waited to have children until we were the perfect parent, none of us would ever have children. When we decide to have children, we make a commitment to raise our children in the best way we know. We do our best.

Thanks to God's faithfulness to us and to our children our children survive. Even though we are imperfect parents and even though we make mistakes, we take that first step and when we surround our families with prayer, God redeems our mistakes. Often, we are blessed, through His grace and persistence, with God-fearing adult children.

Commercials can be great spiritual teaching instruments.

We can practice being a Christian forever. But, we will never be a Christian until we take that first step and invite Jesus Christ into our lives.

If we wait until we are perfect, it will never happen. We need to accept Christ as Savior and then surround ourselves in prayer and Bible study. God will redeem us and through His faithfulness, we will be happy, fruit-producing Christians.

Don't wait to be perfect or you will waste your entire life just waiting. Accept Jesus now and let Him take you step by step closer to Him and His likeness.

Unlike parenting, where we never get it just right, perfection will come to the Christian when we see Jesus face to face. As the songwriter says, "O to be like Him."

- Shelia

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