Published 1/27/2009

Shelia Shares....
"More About E-mails"

Last week I shared the many email addresses that I had collected, as well as my comments about them. I heard from several of you making your own comments about your email addresses.

"I was amused by some of the email names in your article. I've had people accuse me of "being on the warpath" when in fact, it is just a composite of our names. I chose "war" from my husband's name, "pat" from my name, and "H" from our last name... to become warpathsgirl. So simple, but we agonized for a long time over it before the obvious hit us." (P. H.)

"I particularly liked Shelia's email names and would like to focus attention on mine. My wife and I started a singing ministry a few years back and came up with the name twiceborn. I use it as my email name just to remind people that if you are twiceborn ( reborn ), you only die once." (H. D.)

Singer/songwriter Woody Wright wrote, "I thought I read your post you would include . . .wouldhewrite!" (I told him that he didn't correspond often enough for me to remember it.) :)

"I initially misread one of the e-mails in your column. I initially read "mastershotwife" not as "masters' hot wife" but as "master shot wife." That's the danger of creative email addresses!" (D. M.)

- Shelia

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