Published June 6, 2017

Paul's Epistle
"Waxing Poetic"

One of my greatest joys is hearing from listeners for whom something on the broadcast has touched them in a special way – perhaps an artist's testimony or the lyrics of a song that encouraged or blessed the listener in a memorable and/or timely manner. More than once we've heard that someone felt the seemingly inexplicable urge to tune in at a specific time when something on the broadcast would, as it turned out, speak to an urgent need in his or her life.

Seldom, though, does someone take the time to express it to us in a well-thought-out poem.

But recently I received the following poem from Ken Board, who has been a missionary to Japan for more than 50 years and listens to our program regularly. I thought you'd enjoy what he wrote. (I certainly did.)

     "The Gospel Greats"

     The day had been a tough one, many problems left and right
     My heart was burdened with despair and no relief in sight
     I headed to my easy chair to sit and rest for a while
     I turned my radio on and heard the voice of Paul Heil.

     The program was The Gospel Greats, two hours of joyous song
     Southern Gospel at its best, I began to sing along
     Greater Vision, the Inspirations, and Signature Sound
     Their songs brought welcome peace and with joy my heart did abound.

     They sang of God's wondrous grace and His never-changing love
     Bringing hope to a weary heart from my Lord above
     So, to Paul and Shelia and all the singers whose songs we adore
     Thank you for your ministry, may God bless you more and more.

Many thanks, Ken, especially since you are half-way around the world from us!

Now, perhaps you don't wax so poetic — and it's certainly not necessary — but I always enjoy hearing your comments about the broadcast, especially how it has touched your life. This is, after all, what it's all about. And God's word, as expressed in song, "always produces fruit. It shall accomplish all I want it to..." (Isaiah 55:11, Living Bible paraphrase). I am constantly amazed at how some seemingly minor remark on the program by an artist, for example, or the message in a song that's played turns out to be exactly what someone needed to hear on that particular day that it was on the broadcast. That's God's doing, not mine, and for that He absolutely deserves and gets all the glory.

I don't say this often enough: Thank you for being such a loyal listener, reader and friend. You — yes, you — are a constant blessing to us.

- Paul

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