Published May 23, 2017

Paul's Epistle

Last week in this column I talked about the importance of sharing your testimony with those who need Christ in their lives. And I invited you to submit brief accounts of either how you testify to others or how the testimony or ministry of others impacted your life. Several of you were kind enough to share accounts of how you've shared your witness – or how the witness of others have impacted you.

There are as many different types of testimonies as there are Christians. No two are exactly alike, because no two people are exactly alike – and God deals with us each on a very individual basis.

Here's one testimony about some very effective hellfire-and-brimstone old-time preaching:

"I remember the very night God spoke his convicting power to my heart. It was during revival. The preacher was preaching [that] heaven is real and hell is real and hot. The message was so intense you could almost feel the flames from hell. The altar started filling up with people. The next thing I remember I felt God's convicting power on me. I left my seat running and falling in the altar and God gloriously saved me. Since that day I spread God's word everywhere I go. Sometimes I see instant results, sometimes later I hear results. God's word needs to be told and shown wherever we go." – Ronald O., Alabama

Sometimes a knock on the door can change a life...

"I learned about Jesus [as a child] but then I got into the wrong crowd... My life was a mess and it was not until I was about 38 years old that I realized that I needed Him back in my life. Someone actually came to my door to witness to me and I gave my life back over to Him... I want to thank the Holy Spirit for chasing me down and never letting go." – Pam R., Missouri

Sometimes the Spirit even works through a sibling....

"Forty-three years ago, I decided when cigarettes went to 85 cents a pack I was going to quit. Well, it wasn't long until they did... [But] when that time came, I realized I could not quit! I had a sister, Joann, that went to church, and she told me if I would go to church with her, Jesus would help me quit! So I decided to go. It took me six months to go cold turkey and quit. But, by then I was loving God so much I never quit serving Him. To this day, I live for Him – not perfectly, but forgiven... He who has promised is faithful..." – Pat G., Delaware

And sometimes it's an uncle....

"Hi, Paul. I did have a chance to share the Gospel with my nephew. He was a lover of booze. He called me one night... I shared the Gospel with him. I asked him if he would like to say the ‘sinner's prayer' and accept Jesus. He said yes! He always believed Jesus was Lord and accepted him that night. With that, I believe my nephew was saved and is now in Heaven with Jesus. Even though ... he died from the results of drinking, he did accept Jesus! Yes, I felt good about that as I know my nephew was saved." – Jan H., Wisconsin

Sometimes it's even over a good meal in a very public place...

"I had the opportunity to reintroduce Christ to our young, very pregnant, waitress in Red Robbin's this past Sunday by first asking her if she wanted to join us in prayer for our meal. I always ask the wait-staff to join us unless they're slammed with customers. Anyway, throughout our meal, our young new friend kept stopping by ... and not just to make sure that our tea glasses were full, but to keep up in the conversation on what she had been taught as a child and that she had missed since she became an adult. I shared with her some quarterly ‘Word for You Today' devotions that our church gives out and with each day's devotion being short, she said that this will really get her back on track to where she should be going with her Christian life..." – Gary J.

Reader responses such as these have highlighted the fact that your witness, your testimony, is beneficial not just for the unsaved – who, through what you say, might come to know the Lord – but also for those who at some point may have accepted Christ but got far away from serving Him and now desperately need to return to Him.

May we each remember – and always act upon – what Jeff Gibson's simple but to-the-point song of many years ago reminded us to do:

       Go and tell somebody what He's done for you.
       Go and tell somebody what the Lord can do...
       How He gave you victory, how he brought you through.
       Go and tell somebody what He's done for you.*

- Paul

*Lyrics from chorus of "Go And Tell Somebody," written by Jeff Gibson, as recorded by the Kingsmen and other artists over the years. Heartwarming Music, BMI.

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