Published October 25, 2016

Paul's Epistle

Two weeks ago, during the Gospel Music Association's Dove Awards ceremonies in Nashville, I was honored to accept for The Gospel Greats program a special "Radio Impact Award - Southern Gospel Radio."

The award, bestowed by the GMA, was designed to honor "organizations and entities that have made significant contributions to the Gospel music industry."

Here is a summary of what I told the audience in accepting this honor:

Everyone who enters any form of ministry prays to make a difference – to have an impact by doing it. An impact for the Gospel. An impact on lives through the Gospel as presented.

In our case, we have noticed an impact in several related ways:

We notice an impact through the program as listeners write and tell us they've been blessed by the songs, by the artist comments that we include, in their own voices, on the program. We've even had people tell us that, while listening to the program in the car, they have pulled over to the side of the road and accepted Christ because of something heard on the broadcast.

That is the most desirable outcome we could hope for. That is "impact!"

But we've also become aware, increasingly in recent years, of the impact that the program has had on the artists themselves.

I'm interviewing more young artists – and even not-so-young artists – who tell me they "grew up" listening to The Gospel Greats program. And it made them love, and want to get involved in, the music. They wanted to sing! They wanted to share the Gospel in song!

Also, more artists are telling me that being on the program made a huge impact on their ministry. They said it increased their concert bookings, which means they have increased opportunities to share the Gospel through song.

All of this about the program's impact, of course, is music to my ears!

Thanks to my wife, Shelia, and our two sons, all of who work with us everyday in the office, and to our long-time assistant Karen Nolt for handling the workload associated with producing and distributing this program each week.

But thanks especially – of course – to the Good Lord for making it all possible. To God be the Glory! And may He continue to bless as we endeavor to serve Him further.

The Lord has been so gracious to give me gifts and professional experience that I can use for Him and for planting in my heart and mind the concept of The Gospel Greats program. And I enjoy doing it today as much or more than ever.

But He has given you ways to serve Him, too. Oh, yes He has! Too many people say, "Oh, I don't have any particular way to serve the Lord." But that's not true. He has a type of service for each of us — for you, whether it's in front of crowds in church Sunday mornings, or just ministering one-on-one with those with whom you come in contact on a daily basis.

"Big" impact or "small" impact (as it would appear by human standards) – if you're doing what the Lord wants you to do, it's all the same to Him, and He will reward you. The greatest reward in this life is to know His will and to do it, as He enables. That is the kind of "impact" He wants through you. Through each of us.

- Paul

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