Published October 6, 2015

Paul's Epistle
"What If..."

Who knows better how you should live your life – you or God?

"Paul, that's a ridiculous question!  Of course, God knows best."

Ah, that's true. But so often, through our actions, we seem to forget or ignore that basic fact. We have our own plans, you see. We think we know what we should do and how to do it. Our plans – for family, for relationships, for employment, for life in general – extend well into the future. But do we too often seem to let God out of the planning process? Unfortunately, this often happens even when it comes to our desire to serve the Lord.

What got me thinking about this the other day was the title song from the McKameys' "What If" CD. Sheryl Farris of the group, who wrote it, told me this: "Sometimes we limit, we put so many limits on God and we decide for ourselves what we're going to do for God, rather than what He wants to do through us. And so the song is about this — what if we allowed Him to do whatever He wanted to do in us?"

"Sometimes," Sheryl says, "we limit God in what He wants to do and I think, ‘What if we really believed that He could do the impossible?' It doesn't mean that He will do what we want all the time, but I think we would be surprised."

What would happen if we would allow God fully to work His will in our lives – and really mean it? Are we honestly and completely surrendered to His control? Is there something you know God would have you do – but it simply doesn't fit into your personal plans? "Maybe later," you might say. But there's never been a better time to reevaluate your priorities than right now.

As the song says,

     ...when I must surrender, it's time to remember:
     His plans are bigger than my mind can grasp.
     But I'll never know what God will do
     ‘til I trust in Him to see me through,
     knowing He will bring His will to pass.

This really is an eternally significant matter. The song's chorus puts it in perspective:

     But what if...
     When we stand before our Maker
     instead of hearing "You've been faithful"
     as we give account for every word and deed,
     He says, "Child, I had so much in store,
     if only you had trusted more."

That is definitely not something any of us would want to hear as we stand before the Lord.

Have you done all that you believe the Lord wants you to do — so far?  Have you given Him your time and energy to do His work, however He would define that in your life? Young or old, God still has something He would like you to accomplish for Him. And doing so would certainly please Him.

Today would be a great time to reflect on that so that, as whatever time we have left moves on, we don't have to look back on our lives and say, "What if only I had trusted Him more."

- Paul

1. From 2nd verse of "What If," by Sheryl Farris, McKameys Publishing Co. BMI, lyrics used by permission.
2. From chorus, ibid.

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