Published September 9, 2014

Paul's Epistle...
"You Remember The Day (Part 2)"

Last week, I shared with you several testimonies from readers who remember the day they were saved. As you'll recall, it was a followup to my testimony column two weeks ago. Here are a few more that I've received.

"Paul, my conversion experience happened when I was only five years old. Like you, I was immersed in Bible teaching at my mother's knee, in Sunday School, church services. One night I was awakened suddenly from a bad dream. I was on a big ship and it was sinking. I knew that I was going to die, and even at that young age, I knew I wasn't ready to meet God. I got up and ran to my mother, shook her awake and, sobbing, I told her about my horrible dream. She gently explained that I could ask Christ to forgive my sins and ask Him to be my Savior, and then I would be ready to go to heaven whenever He called me. What a relief to know I was now ready to go!" – Marlene D., Port Rowan, Ontario

"I was 11 and at summer girls church camp. I had heard the Gospel all my life, literally, and, like you, had lots of head knowledge. The last night of camp a missionary to China was preaching. And I was heavily under conviction and was hanging onto the seat in front of me with a death grip. But when the invitation came, I literally ran to the altar. It was time, and I was ready. And I will never forget that day, the time or the place. I tell it to anyone who will listen." – Patty H., Phoenix, AZ

"The year was 1961 and my church was in another tent meeting just outside of Millersburg, PA. As a boy of ten one night I came under conviction to make sure that I was saved. We had people coming in from the community and were getting their lives transformed. Oh, the testimonies that we heard of deliverance. As a young boy, I wanted to know that I was right with God. So one evening as the altar call was given I went forward to ask Jesus into my heart. The evangelist, Rev. Edward Gilmore from Canada, was such a godly man with a quiet, loving spirit. He came down to the altar and laid his hand on my head and prayed such a wonderful prayer that a little boy could understand. That night I knew without a doubt that my sins were forgiven and I was on my way to heaven. Oh, the peace and joy that passes all understanding filled my heart... That was 53 years ago and I am happy to say that Jesus Christ is my all in all and has never failed me once... Now for 21 years I have had the blessed privilege to be a pastor and help others into this marvelous experience as well." – Pastor John Keefer

"My mother has always loved cats and my father despised them. When I was a little boy I often heard my father and mother having ‘intense fellowship' about her cats. One day a stray cat wandered to our house and my mother told me that I should get rid of it before my father got home. She told me to go knock on doors and ask all of our neighbors if it was theirs. Several of them told me that it wasn't their cat and that they had never seen it before. Finally, I knocked on the back door of an old house down our dirt road. A 77-year-old lady came to the door and I asked her if it was her cat. She said that it wasn't. But then she said, ‘Since you asked me a question, can I ask you one? Do you know Jesus?' I told her that I went to Sunday School and she told me that was not what she had asked. She then asked me to come in. I put the cat down on her back step and walked in. (I never saw that cat again.) [The lady] told me all about Jesus. Time flew by as I sat at her kitchen table listening to how Jesus died to forgive my sins and how I should ask Jesus to forgive me and save me from Hell. As she spoke, I felt warm and filled, a felling I had never felt before. I told her that I would think about it, and as I walked out of her house that warm feeling left me. I felt ‘empty' again. The next day I went back to visit her and as soon as I walked into her kitchen, I felt that warmth again. We talked about Jesus again, and, again, time went by so fast. ... That night I knelt down beside my little bed. I said, ‘Lord, I'm just a little boy and I haven't been too bad, but I'm asking you to forgive me of my sins and let me go to Heaven when I die.' Immediately, that warm feeling flooded my body and I knew I was saved. Yes, I do remember the time (May 16, 1969) and I can take you to the place! I praise God for sending a stray cat to lead me to someone who led me to the Lord!" – Steve P., Milford, DE

What a wonderful story! I love reading stories like that about the amazing ways that God works to bring us to Himself. Yes, I do have some more testimonies that readers have sent in. Would you like to hear a few more next week, or shall we move on to something else?

- Paul

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