Published October 29, 2013

Paul's Epistle...
"Danny's Dad"

Pastor Appreciation Month – each October – is extra special to those of us who are "PKs" – preacher's kids. We have double reasons to be appreciative of our fathers – as a pastor and, of course, as a father.

Recently, in an interview with Danny Funderburk, Danny told me about his dad and how he was a hard worker in fulfilling his call to spread the Gospel. It reminded me a lot of my own dad, who passed on to his reward last December.

Here's Danny's story:

I was raised in a pastor's home... I'm a PK. My dad built churches from the ground up. And I always say that you can tell a man of God that's called by God. If he can't find a church to preach in, he'll just build him one. And Daddy built three from the ground up. I watched him dig the foundations, put up the walls. I mean, argue about the color of the carpet. How many lights they gonna put up and what they gonna look like. I mean, I've been there and I've seen it all happen. But my dad loved that. He enjoyed trying to build something that would be pleasing unto God and a place that we could all come and we could worship.

I just did a homecoming in my home church, Faith Baptist Church. That church was started in a tin building, behind our house. Our living room, our kitchen area and even a couple of the bedrooms were turned into Sunday School rooms. That's the truth. And that's where Faith Baptist Church started. And as we realized that, you know what, we didn't have no rooms left in the house, so we had to do something. So Dad, he built the church. He helped build Faith Baptist Church...

But I talked about my dad and what a hard-working man he is. And right before he passed away, Paul — most people know that Dad left us May of last year — the nurse was holding up my dad's hand. Now, my dad was six-foot-four and weighed about 240 pounds. But right before he passed away he had gotten real frail. And she come in there probably a couple nights before my dad passed on. And she held up my dad's hand and she said, "I thought you said this man was a preacher." I said "he is." She said, "but he has calloused hands." I said "yeah, because my dad was always a hard-working man... He wasn't afraid of work."

You don't find pops like that anymore. You don't even find young kids anymore that know that there's work to be done. But that was my dad. And he knew how to do it. He carried his Bible everywhere he went. He loved to tell people about Jesus." And you know what? We didn't have a house. We had a home. I had a loving mom, I had a loving dad. And you know what? They taught us a lot of great things. I'm glad that my dad was able to take the word of God and make our house a home. And I just, I miss him, but I'll get to see him again one day. So I wrote a little song. ...It's just the way I feel about my dad...

Here's Danny's song* about his dad:

He worked hard all his life, through the good times and the bad,
Building churches with those rough and calloused hands.
But the most important thing was the Bible that he read,
And with that book of love he made our house a home.

He met a Man at Calvary Who changed his life eternally.
The life he preached was the one he lived.
He taught us kids to pray and sing, and how to trust in Jesus' name.
With every prayer, he made our house a home.

He built a firm foundation on Christ the solid rock,
With walls of love that sheltered from the storm;
The roof above to keep us safe, and floors of faith to run the race.
With a loving wife he made our house a home.

Oh that what Danny said about his dad in that song can be said about each of us as we pass the faith along to our children and set a godly example for them. (See Proverbs 22:6 and Ephesians 6:4.) We might not build buildings, but we are called to build up one another in the faith (Jude 1:20) – especially for our children.

- Paul

*"He Made Our House A Home," written by Danny Funderburk and Billy Cummings, Danny Funderburk Publishing, BMI. Lyrics used by permission. You can listen to the song online by going to Using the player that appears at the bottom of the page, use the "fast forward" button until "He Made Our House A Home" appears.

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