Published October 16, 2012

Paul's Epistle...
"I'm Tired"

I'm tired.

I'm tired of the world claiming as "rights" things that God has declared are "wrongs."

I'm tired of hearing about the "right" to an abortion. Whose right? It seems the person most affected by this "right" – the child – has nothing to say about it. Where did this "right" come from? It's not in the U. S. Constitution. The nation's founding documents, quite to the contrary, specify a right to life. (Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently noted that, historically, "nobody ever thought the Constitution prevented restrictions on abortion.") God certainly does not confer this right. (Note the sixth Commandment - Exodus 20:13.)

I'm tired of being forced to underwrite abortions through my hard-earned tax money. It's been happening for years through huge government grants to the nation's largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood. And it's getting worse — much worse. Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, says "Obamacare is the biggest funding of abortion in American history... This abortion mandate collides with religious freedom and the rights of conscience." Unless something changes, of course, you and I will be paying even more for all this shedding of innocent blood.

I'm tired of hearing the drumbeat of those who want to rely on government more than on God. I'm tired of those who would glorify Washington, DC, and its human misleaders above God. (The Lord says, "I will not give My glory to another." Isaiah 42:11. "For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God..." Exodus 20:5.)

I'm tired of hearing about the "right" to legalized sodomy. Well, no, that's not the term that's generally used. But the so-called "right" to same-sex marriage is the same thing. God presents marriage as between a man and a woman. Period. (Justice Scalia recently told the American Enterprise Institute, "Homosexual sodomy? Come on. For 200 years, it was criminal in every state.") God takes a very dim view of sodomy. Look what He did to the original Sodomites (Genesis 19:24; Matt. 10:15; Luke 17:29.).

I'm tired of seeing government rip asunder the fabric of American society, woven since the nation's founding with the priceless thread of Christian belief and moral principles. No wonder our society is now coming apart at the seams. ("The Obama administration's overreaching and pervasive secularist policies represent the greatest government-directed assault on religious freedom in American history." - Phyllis Schlafly.)

I'm tired of those who ridicule, mock and belittle Christianity in their unbelieving arrogance. It's their answer of choice when confronted with the truth. (Proverbs 114:29 RSV: "If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs..." Reminds me of a recent "debate.")

I'm tired of seeing every false religion get a free ride and affirmation in American society — even (especially) the religion that literally killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 — while majority Christians — and pretty much Christians only — are bashed and ridiculed at every turn. Show me in the Bible where God endorses any other religion.

I'm tired of hearing megachurch pastors who have national TV broadcasts and write bestselling books talk more about "feeling good" than about sin. Salvation and repentance for sin are simply not mentioned — or, at best, downplayed. It's far too intimidating, you know. Might hurt someone's feelings. "We want to be more inclusive." (There's a church like that in the Bible – the church of the Laodiceans. See Rev. 3:14-19.)

I'm tired of hearing about "entitlements," the offspring of false "rights." The U. S. Declaration of Independence cites only the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," things with which all humans are "endowed by their Creator." Notice "happiness," unlike the others, is not an absolute. It is modified to say that the "pursuit" of happiness is what is promised. But note, too, that this word "happiness" was used quite differently when it was written more than two centuries ago. It then meant well-being, based on significant moral and religious foundations which are, for all practical purposes, lacking in the present understanding of the term. What about "personal responsibility?" Aren't we each responsible in God's eyes for our personal actions? Of course we are. (See Rev. 20:12.)

I'm tired of hearing politicians shirking responsibility for the disastrous results of their own policies. I'm tired of the false "blame game." Should they not be held accountable for their own folly (or complicity in the folly of others)? (See Hosea 7:2.)

I'm tired of a government whose leadership refuses to enforce constitutionally-enacted laws it simply doesn't care for — laws that aren't part of its social or political agenda. These laws, such as the Defense of Marriage Act (that affirmed traditional man-woman marriage), are legally binding laws – that just aren't being enforced, and, in fact, are being circumvented by policies that directly contradict the law. How did the administration get such discretionary power to ignore the law? Not from the Constitution, that's for sure.

I'm tired of the partisanship shown by the national news media to an unprecedented degree. In just a dozen years, Americans' faith in the media's veracity, according to a Gallup poll, has plunged from 53 percent to less than 40 percent. If this is where people are getting their news – upon which they base their opinions – it's no wonder things are going downhill so fast. It's no wonder Christians inevitably take a shellacking from the anti-Christ national media, locked into their high-minded prejudices and conceits, marching in lockstep with the liberal elites. I'm tired of their willingness to spread lies and their unwillingness to ferret out the truth, depending on which political party is involved. And I speak as someone who was a fulltime broadcast journalist for a decade. I'm sickened by what I see today. Literally. Of course, the "father of lies" must be pleased. (John 8:44.)

I'm tired of Christians who don't seem to care when even the very mention of "God" at a major national political convention last month was "booed" by an apparent majority of those delegates present. Doesn't this mean something? Doesn't this say something about those involved? Surely, God wasn't surprised — but neither was He pleased.

I'm tired of a national leadership that refuses to say that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Really? The Lord God Almighty settled that matter 3,000 years ago.

I'm tired of Christians who will not stand up for their professed faith. I'm tired of Christians falling for the "tolerance" ruse. It's one thing to show love for your neighbor and to treat them with kindness and respect — as we should. It's a very different thing to endorse (even in a benign way through inaction) our neighbor's erroneous beliefs or sin, because that is not really showing true love. True love is an active love. For the greatest example, see John 3:16.

This list could, unfortunately, continue on for a very long time. But...I'm tired.

Despite all of that, isn't it great that we can rely on the words of the One Who said, "Come unto Me... and I will give you rest... and you will find rest for your souls." (Matt. 11:28,29, excerpts.) That sounds like a good deal. In fact, the BEST deal!

Knowing that, I feel better already.

- Paul

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