Published Sept. 11, 2012

Paul's Epistle...
"We Will Stand Our Ground"

If any song could be described as "a song for these times," Dianne Wilkinson's song, "We Will Stand Our Ground," is such a song. Rendered convincingly in song by the Kingdom Heirs, the song has resonated with Christians everywhere who are tired of the anti-morality, anti-Christian, anti-God things they see going on increasingly in the world, and, especially, in our nation.

As the song puts it,

There are forces in the world today
Who oppose our Christian faith.
They attempt to destroy everything that's holy
And control what preachers say...*

Dianne recently recalled for me the circumstances surrounding the writing of the song (interspersed here with some of the song's lyrics):

"I wrote the song [November 14th, 2009]. I remember my brother had preached a sermon on contending for the faith in these perilous times, and I remember thinking on the way home from church that if Christians ever did it, now [is the time] we have to stand our ground.

"As the song began to develop, I was a little afraid it would be a hard pitch, because I wanted it to say that there are people in the world today (in our own country) who try to control what preachers say, and other things that I knew needed to be said. Not every group would record such a song... As it turned out, I knew the Kingdom Heirs would be the perfect group to sing it...

"At the time I wrote it, I honestly didn't think about it as a God-and-country song with political thought in it. I was thinking of Christian people bravely standing for, as Paul told Timothy, the doctrinal truth we had been taught as children, and contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints."

Despite what the non-believers say
Our God has never changed.
His Word still means everything it says
It is now and forever the same.*

"I have had occasion to have to contend for that faith in recent months right here in the Bible belt, talking to people who go to church, but who don't seem to believe what the Bible says about some of the big things — like how you get to Heaven! I suppose I hadn't expected to have to do that in my own lifetime. I thought that was ‘farther along' in time. But that lets me know how very close to the Rapture we are! God told us that many would depart from the faith in the last days and would deceive many. I wanted to encourage God's people to stand for the Truth, no matter what it costs."

The world may think they have won this fight
But there are some who can still be found
Who will never give in, and will never give up
We will stand our ground!*

"As it turns out, the Kingdom Heirs have heard from such people as former Governor [Mike] Huckabee, who did indeed think it was a God-and-country song and wanted to use it for that purpose. And Arthur [Rice] has sung it with youth choirs, and Steve [French] even sent a video of it to Fox news and others at the national level. Whether they listened or not, I don't know. But I believe God will use it for the purpose for which He gave it, and it has a special place in my heart."

There are things we won't give over,
There are things worth fighting for:
The Book and the blood and the Rugged Cross;
One faith, one way, one Lord.
When the world and the flesh and the devil press on
And try to tear our strongholds down,
We will stand our ground.*

Dianne, who has written literally hundreds of songs for top groups over the years, says, "I think of all the songs I've ever written, it's the one I have been most passionate about as far as getting its message out there to as many folks as possible." I agree with that goal. I think it's the first song I have ever tried to play on virtually every program during its run as a radio single. The word needs to get out.

Look around — it's easy to see why it's so important. The song reminds us of a few examples of the problem — and challenges each of us to take a stand for the things of Christ — not just passively, but actively. Let's all resolve once again to do exactly that. It's desperately needed.

Will you accept the challenge?

- Paul

*Dianne Wilkinson, Christian Taylor Music, BMI. Lyrics used by permission.

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