Published August 7, 2012

Paul's Epistle...
"Taking A Stand - Your Responses"

By now you have most likely heard that the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain had record high sales last Wednesday, the day Christians turned out in amazing numbers to buy meals – thereby affirming the pro-family values espoused by the company's president, Dan Cathy.

I was particularly amused to see the same news media that had predicted big losses for the chain as a result of Cathy's comments now trying to explain the footage showing long lines of people waiting to order and drive-through lines that wrapped onto nearby highways. Amazing.

I had a huge number of responses to my column last week. Here are a few representative sample excerpts:

"I'm thankful for people like Dan Cathy, who take a stand for his and other Christian beliefs! We ate there Wednesday and will continue to eat there more often..." – Pam T.

"...they are not open Sunday, that is the Lord's day! So, for those that are against them, maybe they really need to take a step back and realize that God will honor you when you honor Him. They made a profit and were only open six days a week. Everyone else was open seven days a week and did not make a profit. I am no rocket scientist but that says a lot to me about God honoring Chick-fil-A's business..." – Regina W.

"...I for one am tired of having sin flaunted in front of me and told I need to be ‘tolerant.' I am tired of being called a crazy right-winger just because I don't believe the same way as they do. I find it interesting that they call the Christians narrow-minded and discriminatory when they are the ones who will not allow us to express our beliefs. We are not anti-gay. We are pro-God, pro-life and pro-family..." – Anna P., Tallahassee, FL

Here's a letter I want to share in detail, because it's a great reminder that each of us can do more to take a stand for God....

"The growing political oppression of Christians is something that people have warned would come since I was a child, but I honestly never thought that I would see it in my lifetime. I was wrong.

"I attend a little one-room country church with a congregation of people that have made a decision to make a difference. Each evening at 6 p.m. we pause from whatever we are doing and take time to pray for America and for the upcoming election (2 Chron. 7:14). We have e-mailed friends and families all around the country and asked them to do the same, and to pass the emails on to others, too. This is one way we have chosen to take a stand.

"Furthermore, I have personally decided that if someone decides to share their liberal opinion with me they are also going to have to expect to hear my opinion, too. Of course, they only want to hear mine if it is the same as theirs, but I will no longer be a ‘silent witness' for the Lord.

"As Jeff Steele sang a few years ago, ‘It's time for the Army of God to arise and say, ‘We Want America Back!'

"Your newsletter is right on time. The Scripture says it all – ‘We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against rulers of darkness.' The battle will cause our faith to increase, which, in turn, will increase our boldness to stand for the Lord....

"Please join us in pausing daily to pray for America, and please ask others to do the same..." – Steve P.

That sounds like an excellent idea, which I wholeheartedly commend to you.  In fact, here's an idea.  Steve mentioned the familiar quote from 2 Chronicles 7:14  — "if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."  If 6 p.m. doesn't work for you to stop and pray each day, why not call it — based on the Scripture reference — the "7:14 Project" and pray each evening at 7:14.  Or each morning at 7:14.  Maybe you could get this going in your church and among other Christian friends. 

If last week's experience at Chick-fil-A showed anything, it was a great reminder that there are many, many Christians out there who will, in fact, take a stand for Godly principles – if given the chance to do so. And we shouldn't have to wait for such a highly-publicized and coordinated effort (although I certainly commend Mike Huckabee for coming up with the Chick-fil-A idea). It's up to each of us to look for such opportunities every day. Each victory, as Steve noted above, will cause our faith – and our boldness for the Lord – to increase.

- Paul

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