Published July 10, 2012

Paul's Epistle...

On the broadcast (in the USA) the weekend before the 4th of July, I included a prayer set to music by LaVerne Tripp. It's called "America's Prayer." I've had so many inquiries and requests about this recording that I asked LaVerne for permission to publish the lyrics here.

On the broadcast, you heard him explain how it came about:

"Last year on July the 4th I was praying and I felt impressed to write the prayer down. I have never written down a prayer before. I kept it with me ‘til this year and when I was putting together this 80th full length recording that we just released, entitled ‘Right Here Right Now,' I knew why the Lord impressed upon me ‘write it down.' His Word promises that if any two of us will come into agreement, whatever we ask the Father for, He will do it. If we will come together as a nation and agree with this prayer, who knows what God will do.

"We need a miracle, our nation needs a miracle. And God is a miracle-working God. Nothing is impossible with Him. If he would save a city of Sodom and Gomorrah if there was only ten righteous people, surely he will save our nation if we will pray America's Prayer."

Amen. By the way, if you live outside the USA, just plug in your homeland's name in place of the USA. You'll be amazed how appropriate it is for you, too. What follows is LaVerne Tripp's very timely prayer...

- Paul

"America's Prayer"
by LaVerne Tripp

We, the people of the USA,
Bow on our knees before you today.
We ask you to give us leadership
That will give honor to you.
Men and women who will be faithful and true.
We have voted in folks who do not believe.
They don't serve you, Almighty. Our hearts now just grieve.
To see all our selfish and arrogant ways
of greed and corruption. They're being uncovered seems like every day.
Send a revival of honesty and truth.
And may we give glory to you and only you.
It's true, when we started we were only a few,
But because of your favor we grew and we grew.
We seem to forget where our blessings come from,
And now have denied you and the gift of your Son.
We are your people, called by your name.
Yes, we are chosen and are not the same.
We humble ourselves now on bended knee.
And ask for forgiveness of all we have wronged, including thee.
Time as we know it is fast reaching an end.
We're asking for your mercy and help once again.
We know there is one God who has all power:
Jehovah-Jireh. Help us this hour.
We pray for peace in Jerusalem today.
And may it spread throughout the Middle East and all the way to the USA.
Be with our soldiers as they try to keep peace
And protect them from danger until all fighting has ceased.
We know judgement's coming, destruction is near.
The signs all around us are really very clear.
We ask for your mercy, we trust in your grace.
To give us the power to help all the Human race.
Just one more outpouring, every family member OK.
We request, one more time, God bless the USA.


Lyrics by LaVerne Tripp, LaVerne Tripp Ministries/Song Revival Music Group, Gallatin TN. Used by permission. In fact, LaVerne suggests that you share this special prayer with your family, friends and all who may find it worthwhile.

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