Published May 8, 2012

Paul's Epistle...

I've written in the past that the late Paul Harvey was one of my "radio heroes." I grew up listening to him. And a family visit with him in his Chicago studio during his live midday network broadcast on June 6, 2000, was unforgettable.

One of his most popular essays, presented in various forms over the years both on the air and in his syndicated newspaper column, was one called "If I Were The Devil." Recently I came across multiple versions of his column – which he updated several times over the years – and was struck by how appropriate it is even today.

So what follows is an edited adaptation, using mostly Paul Harvey's own words, but with material drawn from two versions, one published in 1964 and the other in 1996, with the latter providing the basis for most of it. See if you don't agree it's as timely today as ever – perhaps even more so.

- Paul

"If I Were The Devil"

PS:  A very interesting current video commentary presented in the same spirit as the above can be found here.

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