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Regular Program Features

   Great Music — Always!

program features America's best and most popular Southern Gospel music, personally selected by the program's host, Paul Heil. The greatest current songs from all of the best-known and most-loved artists are regularly featured. (Careful attention is given to message content as well as musical quality.) Included are...

Current chart-toppers according to the Singing News magazine song popularity charts.

"Top Ten Back Then" selections featuring a quality song that was in the Singing News Top 10 sometime during the past 30 years.

Recent releases — new, exceptional songs recorded by major artists.

Album extras — exceptional current non-single album cuts by top artists.

National song premiers!  Major record companies often choose to premiere their major new releases on THE GOSPEL GREATS program before otherwise releasing the song – because of the program's outstanding reputation and national coverage.

   Monthly Countdown Edition!

On the last program each month, THE GOSPEL GREATS program features the official Singing News Top 20 countdown for the following month. This is always an exciting program as listeners find out how their Southern Gospel favorites rank on the new month's popularity chart. The Singing News chart, compiled monthly by surveying radio stations which play Southern Gospel music, reflects the airplay and popularity of Southern Gospel songs nationwide.  

   Exclusive In-Person Artist Visits!

THE GOSPEL GREATS program's approach to using artist interviews in a tightly-edited, fast-paced manner is one more thing that keeps listeners tuning in week after week for more fascinating information about their favorite artists – in their own words!  Paul Heil knows the artists – and they know him, resulting in unequaled "up-close-and-personal" interviews. Interviews are done in-person (not on the phone) and are recorded digitally. People remember that they heard the information about their favorite artists on THE GOSPEL GREATS! 
Each week, THE GOSPEL GREATS program selects a Southern Gospel music artist (individual or group) as the week's Featured Artist. This usually is an artist with a song currently on the charts, or someone otherwise well known in Southern Gospel music. A selection by the Featured Artist is included each half hour, and, each time, is accompanied by brief, interesting in-person comments by that artist. These comments bring to life the artists' convictions and add interest and depth to their music whenever it is heard. All interviews are exclusive, fast-paced, tightly-edited and interesting – presented documentary style.
Occasionally on non-countdown editions, THE GOSPEL GREATS program will devote an entire 12-minute segment of the program to an artist – group or individual – worthy of special attention. This Artist Spotlight Segment may be a quality new artist just emerging on the national scene with great promise, an established artist with an interesting story to tell, or a songwriter with several current top songs.

   The Latest Exclusive News!

An exclusive feature of THE GOSPEL GREATS program each week is The Gospel Greats Headline Update, a fast-paced report of the latest news from the world of Southern Gospel music. Anchored by Paul Heil and usually including actuality and occasional correspondent reports, this is one of THE GOSPEL GREATS program's most popular weekly features – keeping you in touch with what's new!  And Paul presents the information with a perspective and in a manner that's fresh, authoritative and unavailable elsewhere, satisfying those who've already heard the "hard news" as well as those who haven't.

   Contests & Giveaways!

Keeping listeners interested and involved is a key to THE GOSPEL GREATS program's proven long-term success. That's why various giveaways are regular features on the program. We've given away concerts (groups appearing at the winner's home church), "Singing At Sea" Bahamas cruises (each year), cash, trips to the National Quartet Convention, and tens of thousands of recordings over the years.  Listeners love tuning in, getting involved, and telling their friends about THE GOSPEL GREATS program.

    “Listener Favorites” Call-Ins!

Periodically we invite listeners to call our special "Listener Favorites" recording lines to record an introduction to their favorite current Southern Gospel song. From among the hundreds of callers, we select and use introductions on an "all-Listener-Favorites edition" and several more each week until our next call-in. Each caller whose song introduction we use on the air wins a prize.

And there are more new and interesting exclusive features each and every week!

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