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This page includes information you may have missed from recent programs, such as phone numbers and other details which may be difficult to jot down quickly.  We update this page after each program or more frequently.  If you don't see here something you need to check on, just ask by e-mail.
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 From the broadcast the weekend of Jan. 24th & 25th, 2015:

Click for Ivan Parker Our Featured Artist on this program was Ivan Parker, who's just come out with a brand new CD called "Threads Of Mercy." You heard four songs from that new recording, along with Ivan's comments about the songs. I was struck by, in just those four songs that we included, there's a common theme of encouragement — a theme of God's faithfulness to us as we go through all sorts of trials. And "Silent Prayer" was a remarkable song about how God understands the cry of our hearts even when we can't articulate our concerns. (Romans 8:26.)

Ivan Parker's CD featured on this program, "Threads Of Mercy," is available from our mailorder service, Springside. Just call 1-800-38-MUSIC to order. Call by Friday, January 30, 2015, ask for the "Featured Artist Discount," and get 20 percent off this item. You can order easily from our webstore by using this link to go directly to this item. Note, too, that our "Featured Artist Discount" applies to any other currently in-stock recordings by this artist. While ordering online, when you get to the "Checkout" page, find the "Special Instructions" lines near the bottom, type in "Featured Artist Discount - 20 percent" to get the discount. Note that the discounted price will not be reflected online or in your first confirmation e-mail, but it will be applied here when the order is processed and before it is charged or shipped.

Lari Goss Southern Gospel music fans in general might not have known the name of Lari Goss. But he certainly had an impact on the music they heard. Lari was right there at the head of his class when it came to arranging, producing and musicianship. As you heard on this program, he received just about every honor that the music industry could bestow — and rightly so. Lari was a "class act," and knew what he was doing — and for Whom he was doing it. That's why, as you heard Mark Trammell mention on our special tribute segment, Lari's primary goal was to be sure the song effectively delivered its message. Lari, who recently passed on to Glory, will truly be missed.

On this program I mentioned again how you could enter to win pairs of tickets to the Greenbrier Quartet Festival this March. Check out the special online entry form below for more information.


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Win a pair of tickets to the exciting new Greenbrier Quartet Festival!

The Greenbrier Quartet Festival will be held March 9-11, 2015, at the renowned Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.  Among the top groups who'll appear at four concerts over those three days are Legacy Five, Brian Free & Assurance, Gold City, the Kingsmen, the Blackwood Brothers, Tribute Quartet, Triumphant Quartet, the Guardians and more.  More info about the event can be found on their website.

Courtesy of the event organizers, we have SIX pairs of front row tickets for each of the four concert events.  SIX entrants, drawn at random, will each win a pair of tickets for all four of those concerts.  (Note that the prize includes only the tickets, no hotel accommodations.)

To enter, simply fill out the form below and click "submit."  We must have all entries by our deadline, February 12.

(Note: If you prefer to enter by postal mail, simply provide all of the information requested below and mail it to "Greenbrier," c/o The Gospel Greats program, PO Box 1372, Lancaster, PA 17608.)
(For general rules that cover all giveaways airing on "The Gospel Greats" program, click here.)

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When you have completed the above, simply click on the "submit" button below to send your entry to us.


 From the broadcast the weekend of Jan. 17th & 18th, 2015:

On this program we told you how you could win a pair of tickets to the new Greenbrier Quartet Festival at the renowned Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, scheduled March 9-11, 2015.

Click for the Guardians Our Featured Artists on this program were the Guardians. They are Dean Hickman, Neil Uhrig and John Darin Rowsey. If you've seen these guys in concert, you know they are quite enthusiastic about what they do. On this program, you heard some songs from their current "Let My Heart Sing" CD, mostly written or co-written by group member John Darin Rowsey. (You might remember John from his days singing with Karen Peck & New River.) I had the privilege of emceeing a DJ breakfast for the Guardians at the recent National Quartet Convention and really enjoyed the songs they presented.

The Guardians' CD featured on this program, "Let My Heart Sing," is available from our mailorder service, Springside. Just call 1-800-38-MUSIC to order. You can order easily from our webstore by using this link to go directly to this item.

New Vision Our Artist Spotlight guests on this program, the trio called New Vision, call Bellville, Ohio, home base. They're family — Trae Turner, his sister, Whitney Smith, and their uncle, Jeff Burton. Songs featuring during our visit were from their current "What Love Looks Like" CD. (I didn't include the title song, but you'll hear it on the air in a few weeks.) As their website proclaims, "Whether in a church house or on a Saturday night platform, their goal is to connect with each listener and to share the message of God's love, grace and forgiveness." More info about this trio can be found on their website.

On this program I played, by request, the old Sego Brothers & Naomi song from 1962, "Sorry, I Never Knew You." It's still a powerful and, yes, convicting song. I promised to provide the link to an article I wrote in my email newsletter several weeks ago built around that song. Here it is.

Sunday, January 18th, was one of our occasional Listener Favorite Call-In opportunities. I hope you were able to call. We'll be using those song introductions that were recorded Sunday on the air over the next several months.


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