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This page includes information you may have missed from recent programs, such as phone numbers and other details which may be difficult to jot down quickly.  We update this page after each program or more frequently.  If you don't see here something you need to check on, just ask by e-mail.
The list of songs provided for each program is viewable with an Adobe PDF viewer.

  From the broadcast the weekend of August 30th & 31st, 2014:

Paul Heil, Mark Bishop, Shelia Heil Mark Bishop, our Featured Artist on this program, has been writing songs, singing songs and recording songs for thirty years — and we've known him for virtually all of those years. Starting out singing with his dad and brother as the Bishops, Mark began his solo ministry in 2002 and has been doing very well ever since. He writes virtually all of the songs he sings, and has a reputation as a story-teller in song. In fact, he loves to write "story songs," as he explained on the broadcast. Mark is one of the nicest Christian men you'd ever want to meet. (Photo above: Paul Heil, Mark Bishop and Shelia Heil, on stage at a recent concert venue.)

Click for Mark Bishop If you have a good memory, you'll recall that we featured Mark's current "This Is What It's All About" CD several months ago on the broadcast. But, as this edition was a countdown, and since Mark had a song in the top 20, we decided to feature him again with all previously-unused material (except for that chart song) — especially since he was kind enough to stop by our studios two weeks ago to update his interview.

Mark Bishop's CD featured on this program, "This Is What It's All About," is available from our mailorder service, Springside. Just call 1-800-38-MUSIC to order. Call by Friday, September 5th, 2014, ask for the "Featured Artist Discount," and get 20 percent off this item. You can order easily from our webstore by using this link to go directly to this item. Note, too, that our "Featured Artist Discount" applies to any other currently in-stock recordings by this artist. While ordering online, when you get to the "Checkout" page, find the "Special Instructions" lines near the bottom, type in "Featured Artist Discount - 20 percent" to get the discount. Note that the discounted price will not be reflected online or in your first confirmation e-mail, but it will be applied here when the order is processed and before it is charged or shipped.

This was our Singing News Top 20 Countdown edition for the month, based this time on the top-tunes chart appearing in the magazine's September issue.


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  From the broadcast the weekend of August 23rd & 24th, 2014:

The Down East Boys, our Featured Artists on this program, have always had an outstanding quartet sound. But I think their current blend is the best ever with Ricky Carden, Daryl Paschal, Tony Jarman (known to fans from his days with Poet Voices, Legacy Five and others groups) and bass Joe Brinkley (who joined just this year). In fact, you heard Ricky say on the program that their new CD emphasizes the quartet sound. "If I Know Him" is a solid song, chosen as their first radio song from this CD. I'd recommend the title song, "Beyond The Blue," for a followup — another solid quartet song. I like what Ricky has posted about the group's goals: "Our goal has always been to choose songs that would encourage and challenge the Christian, while also reaching out to the lost, and pointing people to the cross, so tht Jesus might be lifted up. If we fail to do this we have failed in our calling." Well said.

The Down East Boys' CD featured on this program, "Beyond The Blue," is available from our mailorder service, Springside. Just call 1-800-38-MUSIC to order. You can order easily from our webstore by using this link to go directly to this item.

Click for Hoskins Family It's good to have our Artist Spotlight guests, the Hoskins Family, back. As you heard Reva Hoskins explain on the program, they were off the road for seven years taking care of aging parents at home, both of whom has now passed on to glory. It looks like, in their return, the Hoskins Family has hit the ground running with a very popular radio song, "God Is Big." It features third-generation member, Abigail Aldridge, who is Angie Aldridge's daughter. And Angie, in turn, is Rick and Reva Hoskins' daughter. By the way, Angie mentioned on the air that her daughter is 16. Well, since the interview, she's turned 17, so I thought I'd set the record straight, knowing how important it is at that age. The Hoskins Family's CD, "A Gathering," is available from our webstore,

On the program you heard a brief visit with the Tim Thomas Trio from Romeo, Michigan. (That's located in southeastern Michigan near the base of the "thumb.") As you heard, they have quite a heart for ministry through their music. More information about them can be found on their website,

Here's that special email address I mentioned on the Headline Update for Gold City bass Tim Riley, which you can use to send him a "get-well" message (since his recent stroke) and/or a "happy birthday" (birthday is Aug. 29th):

Also on the Headline Update, Mark Lowry was talking about the Feed The Children program. Here's the website for more information:

Two quick items about non-Southern Gospel Christian artists of interest: Steve Green was seriously injured in a bicycle accident August 6th, breaking his collar bone and six ribs and puncturing his left lung. He won't been singing for a while, but the prognosis is good. And Carman, who was diagnosed last year with terminal cancer, is now certified cancer-free. It's totally gone! "An answer to prayer!"


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These "Current Information" listings are dated to correspond to the program that is provided to stations to air on a specific weekend. Sometimes, for whatever reason, a station may inadvertantly air the wrong program—a week early or perhaps late. That is why you might be hearing dated references on the program that don't make sense, including references to future or outdated giveaways. Fortunately, this kind of occurrance is very rare. But please let us know if you notice this happening regularly on your local station.

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