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This page includes information you may have missed from recent programs, such as phone numbers and other details which may be difficult to jot down quickly.  We update this page after each program or more frequently.  If you don't see here something you need to check on, just ask by e-mail.
The list of songs provided for each program is viewable with an Adobe PDF viewer.

 From the broadcast the weekend of February 28th & 29th, 2015:

This program marked the start of our four-week 2015 Great Annual Giveaway. Please enter. The Grand Prize again this year is the Singing At Sea Cruise, to be taken in February of 2016, so you have almost a year to anticipate the great music, fascinating destinations and great fellowship on this Templeton Tours cruise that is takes over the entire Carnival Lines ship. There are other prizes, too. You can find out all about them on our Great Annual Giveaway page. Just click the big blue banner above or the logo at right. Note that entering online is certainly the easiest way to enter — just fill out and submit the form on that page. But you can also enter by mail, if you prefer. Information for that is on that page, too. But please remember you must listen to the program to get the "Key Word" or "Key Phrase" that must be included on your entry to validate it. There's even a link on that page to another page with answers to commonly asked questions about the Great Annual Giveaway.

The Williamsons Our Featured Artists on this program were the Williamsons. This Oklahoma-based mixed quartet includes Donnie Williamson, his wife, Lisa, along with Darin Hebert and Karl Rice. (Maybe you'll remember Karl from his time singing with the Anchormen.) Songs on this program were from their new CD, "Tell Somebody." If you heard their songs on this broadcast, you know why they've won so many awards over the past several years. Their sound is very "radio-friendly." But they certainly also have a heart for ministry. As you heard, Lisa writes many of their songs (four on this album), including their current chart song, "It Was The Word." I think we'll be hearing a lot more from the Williamsons in the years ahead.

This program was our official Singing News Top 20 Countdown Edition, based on the magazine's March chart of favorites.

Mosie ListerThis program's Headline Update was devoted entirely to remembering one of Southern Gospel music's greatest songwriters of the past half-century, Mosie Lister. Mosie passed on to glory on February 12th. I have never heard anyone say anything negative about this man. He was amazingly gifted in the way that he could put together a song. Yet he never failed to acknowledge the Source of his gift. His passion was to share the Gospel of Christ in a way that people could understand it, remember it, rejoice in it and act upon it. More than 700 songs and thousands of arrangements flowed from his pen over his career that spanned more than six decades. He's in both the GMA Hall of Fame and the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame, yet you would never find a more humble and gentle man. He was quick with a warm greeting whenever I'd run into him, and I had the privilege of interviewing him several times over the years. Mosie Lister will certainly be missed. But now he can truly say in a new way, "I've met the Master."


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 From the broadcast the weekend of February 21st & 22nd, 2015:

Click for Jim Brady Trio Our Featured Artists on this program were the brand new Jim Brady Trio. They are, of course, Jim Brady (who sang with the Booth Brothers for more than a dozen years), his wife, Melissa, and long-time pianist and sometimes vocalist Tim Parton. If you heard their songs on this program, especially the first one, perhaps you noticed that their sound is similar to the Talleys' blend, especially in their early years. And Jim told me that was actually a goal of theirs, at least as a starting point as they develop their sound further. Jim and Melissa, of course, sang together years ago as part of the Shulers, so this is nothing completely new for them. But, as you heard Melissa explain on the program, those dozen-plus years of her being off the road now give her an entirely new perspective on how much she wants to be involved in this, especially from the ministry perspective.

This new trio definitely has everything they need to succeed, the Lord has already been blessing their efforts abundantly. If they come to your area, please be sure to get out to hear them sing and minister. For more info, check out their new website:

The Jim Brady Trio's CD featured on this program, "A New Chapter," is available from our mailorder service, Springside. Just call 1-800-38-MUSIC to order. You can order easily from our webstore by using this link to go directly to this item.

This was one of our occasional All Listener Favorites editions. Thanks to everyone who called recently with song introductions for use on the air. If you called and your introduction didn't make it on this program, keep listening! We'll be using more of them each week over the next few months. I was especially happy that this time we received Listener Favorite introductions from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and from New Zealand. A special thanks to these "long distance" listeners.


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These "Current Information" listings are dated to correspond to the program that is provided to stations to air on a specific weekend. Sometimes, for whatever reason, a station may inadvertantly air the wrong program—a week early or perhaps late. That is why you might be hearing dated references on the program that don't make sense, including references to future or outdated giveaways. Fortunately, this kind of occurrance is very rare. But please let us know if you notice this happening regularly on your local station.

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