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 From the broadcast the weekend of September 2nd & 3rd, 2017:

Click for Goodman RevivalOur Featured Artists on this program were the trio known as Goodman Revival.  They are Tanya Goodman Sykes, her husband, Michael Sykes, along with Johnny Minick.  Tanya and Johnny both sang with the Happy Goodmans "back in the day," Tanya with her dad, Rusty Goodman, and Johnny after Rusty's passing.  Their brand new CD, their second, is entitled "Still Happy," which I thought was a clever title because they do pay homage to the sound and style of the original Happy Goodman Family.  (As you know, Howard, Vestal, Rusty and Sam are no longer with us.)  I enjoyed the way in which Goodman Revival included some of the old, well-known and well-loved songs from the Goodmans, along with some new songs in the same style.  This particular album took a long time to finish because, as you heard, they are only an "occasional" group and each member has other work.  Johnny, in fact, is a church pastor.  And Michael does a lot of studio work, producing, for other artists. 

Goodman Revival's CD featured on this program, "Still Happy," is available from our mailorder service, Springside.  Just call 1-800-38-MUSIC to order.  You can order easily from our webstore by using this link to go directly to this item.

Dr. Tim HillI'd been wanting for a long time to talk with singer/songwriter/author/preacher/church administrator Tim Hill, and we finally had the opportunity to include him on this program's Artist Spotlight segment.  I remember first hearing of him back in the 80s when the Speers recorded one of his biggest songs, "He's Still In The Fire."  The Speers, featuring Bill Itzell, “sang the fire” out of that one.  Now, Tim has included his version of the song on his latest solo CD, "Portrait of Heritage."  Tim mentioned it in passing on the air, but he is actually the General Overseer of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) and keeps quite busy in that capacity.  So I suppose I should have referred to him as "Doctor" Tim Hill. 

Ironically, I had no idea when I chose the Goodman Revival as Featured Artists and Tim Hill for the Artist Spotlight segment that there was a relationship between the two.  The Goodman Revival sang a song Tim co-wrote, and, not only did Tim sing a song he co-wrote with Johnny Minick, but Johnny produced Tim's CD, too.  It's a small world.

On the program I mentioned that there is an online video of Mark Lowry's new "What's Not To Love?" song which he did with backup from the Gaither Vocal Band.  Here's the link to view that song.