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 From the broadcast the weekend of August 12th & 13th, 2017:

Click for Gold City Treasures of GoldOn this program you heard some songs from the new CD from our Featured Artists, Gold City, called "Treasures of Gold."  This new CD includes several of this top quartet's songs of the past decade.  It was great to hear some of them again.  But the CD also includes a few new songs, including their powerful new radio single called "I Will Stand."  You heard Daniel Riley tell about why their next all-new recording has been delayed so long, including deaths in the family and other logistical problems that have consumed their time.  Fear not, though — they plan to have an all-new CD out before too long.  More info about Gold City can be found on their website or their facebook page. You can write to them at

Gold City's CD featured on this program, "Treasures Of Gold," is available from our mailorder service, Springside.  Just call 1-800-38-MUSIC to order.  You can order easily from our webstore by using this link to go directly to this item

Click for Pine Ridge BoysI always enjoy visiting with our Artist Spotlight guests on this edition, the Pine Ridge BoysLarry Stewart, Wayne Shuford and Ivory Luke are veterans at this, and, as you heard, even their new guy (age 22), Steven Craps, has a special relationship with this quartet that goes back many years.  The song called "There's A Fountain" (not the classic hymn) is their current radio song.  I also especially enjoyed the song Steven talked about, "I Can Almost See Heaven."  You can get more info about the Pine Ridge Boys on their website. You can email Larry Stewart of the group at this address

This program included a special (and most unusual) invitation for you to identify the artist singing on a new song that'll be sent out to radio soon.  If you identify that artist, you'll win a free download of that song.  I realize you would have had to hear that song in order to guess, so I'm just mentioning it here as a reminder in case you heard it and haven't gotten around to entering yet.  Entries should be sent to this special address:  Entries must be in by August 17th, and only email entries are being accepted this time.  I'll identify the artist for you on next week's program.

On the Headline Update I mentioned that a special crowdfunding account has been set up by friends of the Erwins to help them deal with the temporary (we hope) loss of their bus in a recent accident.  Here's the address for more information if you'd like to consider helping out.