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 From the broadcast the weekend of June 24th &  25th, 2017:

Click for the Lore Family (Fayth & Samuel)Our Featured Artists on this program were the Lore Family from Portsmouth, OH.  They are Darren and Sandy Lore with their two grown children, daughter Fayth and son Samuel.  Three of the songs featured on this program were from their CD called "Generation Now," a recording that features Fayth and Samuel.  (Darren and Sandy, as you heard, just did some backup singing.)  You heard Fayth tell the story of how she had the idea for the title song, "Generation Now," just a few years ago when she was in high school.  (She was graduated in 2013.)  So she's a songwriter, too, and loves doing that.  Samuel, as you heard, loved being able to duet with one of his favorite singers, Joseph Habedank, on the song "Live The Dream," a song Joseph co-wrote.  Although Sandy and Darren are far from retirement, the singing group is in good hands with Samuel and Fayth, so long as the Lord wants them to continue.  More info about the Lore Family can be found here and you can contact them here.

The Lore Family's CD featured on this program, "Generation Now," is available from our mailorder service, Springside.  Just call 1-800-38-MUSIC to order.  You can order easily from our webstore by using this link to go directly to this item.

It's an understatement to say that Karen Peck & New River have "done well" on the charts with songs from their "Pray Now" CD.  As you heard me mention, two previous songs on there, "Pray Now" and "Calling," were monthly number one songs, and their song "I Am Blessed" was actually the number one song of the year for 2016.  Now, of course, they have another number one, "I Choose Christ."  Notice that all of these are strong statement songs.  Karen tells us there will be no more radio singles from this CD — they're working on a new one.

Someone asked what I mean when I say a song in the Top 20 was somelike like "#118" the previous month (as was the case with one song this time), since the published Singing News chart only goes up to #80.  We have access to the entire chart of songs from the Singing News, including those below the #80 position.  That allows us more accurately to report which song is the "Rapid Riser" among those songs appearing in the Top 20 each month.