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 From the broadcast the weekend of May 20th &  21st, 2017:

This weekend was one of our occasional Listener Favorite Call-In opportunities.  If you missed it, please consider registering for future Call-Ins through our website.  Registered listeners receive a special email notification in advance of any Call-In opportunities and can all in at any time over the designated weekend, not just on Sunday afternoon.  Registered callers also may receive additional opportunities at other times not announced on the air.  Get complete information about registering here.  

Click for the Booth BrothersOur Featured Artists on this edition were the Booth Brothers, one of the most popular and most loved groups out there today in Southern Gospel music.  Songs were from their brand new CD called "Between Here And Heaven." That title song, as you heard, includes some special vocal guests, the group Restless Heart.  That song and another song you heard, "Until The Time Comes To Leave," share a common message — that there's plenty for the Christian to do in the here-and-now to advance the Kingdom of God, spreading the Gospel.  This long-awaited recording was, as you heard, the first designed from start-to-finish to their newest member, Paul Lancaster, in mind.  He blends in well with original brothers Ronnie and Michael Booth.

Revelation TrioOur Artist Spotlight guests, Northern Ireland's Revelation trio, recently celebrated ten years.  As long-time members David Strange and Thomas McAlmont continue on, they recently lost the services of their third member, Andrew Calderwood.  Andrew, who has quite a testimony about how God delivered him from drug and alcohol abuse, wanted to spend more time with his wife and also expand his solo ministry so he could deliver his testimony on a more targeted basis.  Thomas tells us that a young man by the name of Peter Mander is "currently filling dates with us until we consider where the Lord's call will lead us in the future."  Songs on the program were from a current CD of theirs entitled "Southern Gospel Favourites."  More information about Revelation can be found on their website

Thanks again to the Fundamental Home School Group Ensemble of Livingston, Louisiana, for the spontaneous singing on our "The Gospel Greats" jingle.  They are amazing!  As I mentioned on the air, if you have a choir or youth group that would like to sing our jingle and get a shout-out from us on the air, just record it and send it in (along with information about the group).  Naturally, I can only use so many of these, so the sooner the better.

For more information about the 49th Annual Brumley Gospel Sing mentioned on the Headline Update, click here.