#1 Southern Gospel Hit Songs of The 2000s

(According to The Singing News Top 80 monthly chart*)
(*Used on The Gospel Greats program by permission) 

Song Title Group Month/Year (start/end)
Just One More Soul Greater Vision Jan. 2000
I Sure Miss You Crabb Family Feb. 2000
He Said Gold City Mar. 2000- Apr. 2000
Through The Fire Crabb Family May 2000- July 2000
Praise God, It's Settled, I'm Saved Perrys Aug. 2000
Searchin' Talley Trio Sept. 2000- Nov. 2000
Four Days Late Karen Peck & New River     Dec. 2000- Jan. 2001
Yes I Am Hoppers Feb. 2001- Mar. 2001
He's Still Waiting By The Well Greater Vision Apr. 2001
The Next Cloud Kingsmen May 2001
Stand Still Isaacs June 2001
Is Anything Too Hard For God Whisnants July 2001- Aug. 2001
That's Why I Love To Call His Name     Kingdom Heirs Sept. 2001
That's No Mountain Crabb Family Oct. 2001
I've Won McKameys Nov. 2001
Thank God For The Preacher Mike Bowling Dec. 2001
Blessed Be the Name Of The Lord Tony Gore Jan. 2002
I'll Not Turn My Back On Him Now Inspirations Feb. 2002
The Reason That I'm Standing Crabb Family Mar. 2002- Apr. 2002
He Calms Me McKameys May 2002
I Rest My Case At The Cross Perrys June 2002
The Call Mike Bowling July 2002
The Key Poet Voices Aug. 2002
Don't You Wanna Go? Crabb Family Sept. 2002
The Healer Talley Trio Oct. 2002- Nov. 2002
Safe Thus Far Hoskins Family Dec. 2002
Please Come Down To Me Crabb Family Jan. 2003- Feb. 2003
The Answer Is Christ Talley Trio March 2003
God Sits On High Carolina Boys April 2003- May 2003
What You Took From Me Whisnants June 2003
The Walk Crabb Family July 2003
I Take Him Back Mike Bowling Aug. 2003
I Found Grace Legacy V Sept. 2003
I Love The Lord Talley Trio Oct. 2003
The Cross Crabb Family Nov. 2003- Dec. 2003
The Next Time That You See Me Whisnants Jan. 2004
The Promise The Martins Feb. 2004- Mar. 2004
Jesus Saves Talley Trio Apr. 2004- May 2004
Jesus Will Do What You Can't Crabb Family June 2004
I Wish I Could Have Been There Perrys July 2004
Knock Knock Knock Palmetto State Qt. Aug. 2004
Jerusalem Hoppers Sept. 2004
Can I Pray For You Mark Bishop Oct. 2004
His Life For Mine Talley Trio Nov. 2004
If It Had Not Been The Lord McRaes Dec. 2004
He Came Looking For Me Crabb Family Jan. 2005
I Know I'm Going There Kingdom Heirs Feb. 2005
God's Bigger Than That Whisnants Mar. 2005
I Got Here As Fast As I Could Mark Bishop Apr. 2005
You'll Never Run Out Of Blood Heirline May 2005
The Good News McKameys June 2005
Long As I Got King Jesus Brian Free & Assurance July 2005
Forever Changed Kingdom Heirs August 2005
Nail It To The Cross Whisnants September 2005
The Shepherd's Call Crabb Family Oct. 2005 - Nov. 2005
I Am Home McKameys Dec.2005 - Jan. 2006
He Saw It All Booth Brothers Feb. 2006
Do You Want To Be Forgiven Ernie Haase & Signature Sound March 2006
In The Sky Three Bridges April 2006
New Day Dawning Whisnants May 2006
The Debt Talley Trio June 2006
I've Come Too Far Hoppers July 2006
I Will Trust You Lord McKameys August 2006
Sky Full Of Angels Taranda Greene September 2006
He Knows My Name McRaes October 2006
I Will Go On Gaither Vocal Band November 2006
Hold Me While I Cry Karen Peck & New River December 2006
Thank God For Grace Whisnants January 2007
Over And Over Jeff & Sheri Easter February 2007
He Chose Me Freemans March 2007
I Have Not Forgotten Inspirations April 2007
John In The Jordan Ernie Haase & Signature Sound May 2007
A Little Song Coming On Three Bridges June 2007
I Can Pray Dove Brothers July - August 2007
A Greater Yes Whisnants September 2007
Last Night Karen Peck & New River October 2007
If You Only Knew Inspirations November 2007
We Have A Savior Mike & Kelly Bowling December 2007
Get Away Jordan Ernie Haase & Signature Sound January 2008
I Choose Ivan Parker February 2008
I'm Just Waiting For My Ride Hoppers March 2008
Love Is Like A River Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
& Gaither Vocal Band
April 2008
The Broken Ones Talley Trio May 2008
Hey Karen Peck & New River June 2008
What We Needed Kingdom Heirs July 2008
Your Cries Have Awoken The Master Mike & Kelly Bowling August 2008
Help Is On The Way Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver September 2008
Welcome To The Family Booth Brothers October 2008
Whispered Prayer Karen Peck & New River November 2008
That's Enough Talley Trio December 2008
Reason Enough Ernie Haase & Signature Sound     January 2009
When God Ran Kingsmen February 2009
A Miracle Today Mike & Kelly Bowling March 2009
What Salvation's Done For Me Booth Brothers April 2009
I Want To Thank You Karen Peck & New River May 2009
Life Goes On Talley Trio June 2009
Notified Mike & Kelly Bowling July 2009
Hide Me Sweet Rock of Ages Janet Paschal August 2009
The Old Landmark Ernie Haase & Signature Sound September 2009
Be Not Afraid Whisnants October 2009
Between Twelve & Thirty-Three McKameys November 2009
If You Knew Him Perrys December 2009

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