#1 Southern Gospel Hit Songs of The 1990s

(According to The Singing News Top 80 monthly chart)

Song Title Group Month/Year (start/end)
When I Knelt Greenes Jan. 1990
Getting Ready To Leave This World Gold City Feb.1990
He's Still In the Fire Speers Mar. 1990- Apr. 1990
Here I Am Hoppers May 1990- Aug. 1990
I've Got A Feeling Walt Mills Sept. 1990- Nov. 1990
I'm Going Home With Jesus McGruders Dec. 1990
God Will Make This Trial A Blessing McKameys Jan. 1991- Feb. 1991
Let's Meet By the River Spencers Mar. 1991-April 1991
Somebody Touched The Lord Perfect Heart May 1991-June 1991
On My Father's Side Reinhardts July 1991- Aug. 1991
Going Back Freemans Sept 1991- Oct. 1991
One Scarred Hand Gold City Nov. 1991
Go and Tell Somebody Kingsmen Dec. 1991- Jan. 1992
He's In the Midst Bishops Feb. 1992- April 1992
Wish You Were Here Kingsmen May 1992-Aug. 1992
I'm Glad I Know Who Jesus Is Nelons Sept. 1992
Milk and Honey Hoppers Oct. 1992
Wedding Music Cathedrals Nov. 1992- Jan. 1993
Do You Know How It Feels McKameys Feb. 1993- April1993
Mention My Name Hoppers May 1993-June 1993
From the Depths of My Heart Isaacs July 1993-Sept. 1993
A Borrowed Tomb McKameys Oct. 1993
He's All I Need Kingsmen Nov. 1993
Jesus Built A Bridge Phil Cross & Poet Voices Dec. 1993-Feb. 1994
In The Twinkling of An Eye Greenes Mar. 1994-May 1994
Arise McKameys June 1994-Sept. 1994
I Must Tell Somebody Steeles Oct. 1994
Joy On The Other Side Of Jordan Kirk Talley Nov. 1994-Dec. 1994
He's My Hiding Place Bishops Jan. 1995-March 1995
Jesus' Rocking Chair Greenes April 1995-May 1995
I Will Rise Up From My Grave Kingsmen June 1995
Wilt Thou Be Made Whole Carroll Roberson July 1995-Sept. 1995
God Kept His Promise Steeles Oct 1995-Dec. 1995
God Likes To Work Karen Peck & New River Jan. 1996
I'm Not Givin' Up Gold City Feb. 1996
The Blood Is Still There Kevin Spencer Family Mar. 1996
Oasis New Hinsons Apr. 1996-July 1996
Anchor To the Power of The Cross Hoppers Aug. 1996
Meanwhile In The Garden Tony Gore and Majesty Sept. 1996-Oct. 1996
I Got Up and Went Steeles Nov. 1996
Old Ship of Zion New Hinsons Dec. 1996
Hello In Heaven Freemans Jan. 1997
You Can't Ask Too Much of My God    Bishops Feb. 1997
We Want America Back Steeles March 1997-June 1997
Yes, I Know Gaither Vocal Band July 1997-Oct. 1997
Right On Time McKameys Nov. 1997
For God So Loved Brian Free & Assurance Dec. 1997
Not Even A Stone Perrys Jan. 1998-Feb 1998
Angels In The Room Ruppes March 1998-April 1998
I Am Redeemed Poet Voices May 1998-June 1998
Please Forgive Me Crabb Family July 1998-Oct. 1998
By Faith I Can Touch Him Now Perrys Nov. 1998-Dec. 1998
Resting Place Wilburns Jan. 1999
In Time, On Time, Every Time Gold City Feb. 1999
Trail of Tears Crabb Family Mar. 1999-April 1999
He Made A Change Cathedrals May 1999
King Jesus Won By One June 1999
My Name Is Lazarus Greater Vision July 1999-Sept. 1999
Lamb, Lion, & King Crabb Family Oct. 1999
Roll That Burden On Me McKameys Nov. 1999
Just One More Soul Greater Vision Dec. 1999-Jan. 2000

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